Post 16 Open Evening

Welcome to The Cooper School

Post 16 Virtual Open Evening

Welcome to our P16 Virtual Open Evening. We are delighted that you are interested in our P16 offer and while we would have preferred to have welcomed you in person we are confident that the resources available to you will give you a good indication of our excellent P16 offer. We have recommended a pathway through the resources for you but feel free to navigate your own way through the resources using the tabs at the top of the page.

We would recommend that you begin by watching the speeches below to set the scene for what our P16 has to offer and then use the yellow tabs at the bottom of each section to navigate to the next stage of the resources.

Dr R Whannel - Headteacher

M Doorley - Director of Post 16 Studies/Assistant Headteacher

Emily - Head Student

Damaris - Head Student

Now that you've had an introduction to some of the key people in Post 16, we suggest you proceed through the virtual open evening by taking the virtual tour. Please click the button on the right.